Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looks like a nail file stab wound now.

For those of you wondering, a quick update about my healing process:

Well, my incision no longer looks like a knife stab wound. Now it looks like an evil Leprechaun or elf stabbed me with a metal nail file....which I guess is better.

Note to self: (as provided to me by Andrew) "when given the wussy option at a doctor's office, take it." I, however, did not take the "wussy option."

You see....when my doctor first got done and packed my wound with iodine-soaked gauze that resembled a flat, white shoelace, I had been numbed with lidocaine earlier. So when I had to go back in on Friday for a repacking, the doctor asked, "do you want me to numb it or just pack slowly?"
"Will it hurt like it did Wednesday? [when it was numbed]"
"About the same."
"Okay then no....I don't need it numbed."
"Yeah, most people don't."

Wrong friggin' answer.

There was a steady and pointy jab......jab......jab into my incision as she threaded the replacement iodine-soaked packing into the wound. I know I was tense, looking like a Halloween cat freaking out. 3/4 of the way through, she stops, tells me to take a deep breath, and we start again.

By the time we were done, I was incredibly grateful, gauzed, taped, and on my way.

She says, "When you come back Sunday, they may want to repack it."

Jesus Christ.

I went back in on Sunday, doctor checked it out, and he said, "no, I don't see any reason to repack, but you may have some slight serum drainage."

So now I have a metal nail-file tip-sized hole that, when I change my bandage at home, decides to "cry." It's pretty damn gross, and I will be happy when it heals.

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