Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome Volunteer Surprised by Husband's Homecoming

Welcome Volunteer Surprised by Military Husband's Homecoming

The 33 News (DFW, TX)

March 5, 2009

A regular volunteer with DFW International Airport's 'Welcome Home a Hero' program got a big surprise when she showed up this morning; her husband was among those returning from Iraq.

Media show up regularly to cover the return of deployed soldiers, so Garland ISD teacher Alicia Young thought nothing of the cameras this morning; being the first volunteer to arrive, she was not surprised when photographers began interviewing her about the program. Matthew Young worked with his wife's principal to plan the homecoming; family and friends secretly brought the couple's two sons and hid from Alicia until she greeted her husband.

Approximately 200 troops come through the airport each day to begin a two week R & R. Volunteers show up to ensure the soldiers receive a hero's welcome and know they are appreciated.

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