Friday, March 6, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Update

Well, finally, Colleen was kicked from Hell's Kitchen, but not by her fellow chefs and cooks, but by Chef Ramsay himself. I mean, I'll give the woman credit, she did, as Chef Ramsay said, have "tenacity," but tenacity alone does not make a great chef.

From the get go, Colleen had a rough ride. She is a culinary instructor with her own business. No matter what area of the kitchen Chef Ramsay put her in, she'd mess up: forgot shrimp on Caesar salads, served a raw pastry, added Marscapone cheese to Chef Ramsay's risotto recipe, etc.

And for those of you wondering about Lacey (the whiny crybaby on the show you just want to smack when she starts whining about everything?), her resumé said "corporate buffet cook." Andrew and I kidded around that that was a fancy way of saying "Ryan's Steakhouse" or "Golden Corral." In fact, she work(ed)(s) for Sodexho. From what I gathered from Sodexho's site, it's kind of like Aramark: cooking and preparing mass quantities of food for functions. If it is like Aramark, it's not necessarily high-quality/5-star food.

I haven't chosen who I think will win this season. There are a few dark horses, and there are a few people keeping their head down doing good work.

Guess we'll see.

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