Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It seems to me...

...if you're a nationwide company, all of your computer systems should be linked to one another.

I went in to pay my car insurance on Friday afternoon. The insurance company printed me out temporary cards and wrote me out a receipt for my payment. They are not, however, the branch I used when I opened my policy. That branch is in Southwest Georgia.

I get a call from the Southwest Georgia branch reminding me of my insurance payment. I inform them that I made my payment on Friday. They tell me, "well it doesn't show in the system."

I freak out.

So I drive to the office, receipt and documentation (in hand), and I ask about my payment.

"Well since you don't have a policy HERE, I can't bring up your account and apply your payment because I can't key it in. We take your payment, and we mail it with the other payments to the State Farm office in Duluth. It should be in the system today or tomorrow though."

State Farm is a nationwide organization. It seems a little dumb that an organization that takes in payments, etc. doesn't have a system set up so that, no matter where a client is, they can make a payment to their account. Am I just overthinking this?


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