Friday, November 7, 2008


Cash cracks me up. He stares at himself in the mirror (has from day one), and has now taken to barking at "the other dog" in the mirror. I never thought Pitties were as smart as he is. He is about 14 weeks old now, and he is 95% housebroken. He still has the occassional accident (he will play hard then whoops!), but my new house has ceramic tile so it's all good.

He is okay with his crate. He'll bark and whimper the first five minutes (if that), but then he passes out or plays with his toys. He is addicted to squeaky toys, and he'll sit for a solid hour squeaking his toys intermittently until I want to beat him with it.

The biggest problem we have right now is what AnDREW and I call "The Pit Bull Pull." He will throw all of his weight (25 lbs) into his front end and pull on his leash. That's a "no no." We are working on his 'Heel.' He already knows sit, his stay is okay, and his come is okay.

He won't let me out of his sight though. Everywhere I go, he goes. I'm cooking - he's sitting on my feet. I'm in the restroom, he's sitting at my feet. I'm taking a shower, he's lying in front of the tub.

Sweet baby.

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