Monday, November 10, 2008

Helllooooooo, Green Kniiiiiiiiight...

Saturday night, Amyee, John, Andrew, and I went to Medieval Times - only Andrew didn't know where we were going :) First of all, I got us lost by taking 316 to where we needed to be. That was okay - we just took the long way in.

Someone should have told me, "look for the giant castle," and I would have been fine!

We got there, and Andrew was thrilled. We met Amyee and BG and went inside. We were assigned the Green Knight. We stopped briefly to meet the little falcon that was part of the show, and then we headed to the tavern. Andrew got Newcastle, I got Sam Adam's Octoberfest, and BG got a HUGE Octoberfest. We sat in front of a charming HUGE fire around pub tables before deciding to go to the gift shop and tour the torture room.

Okay, so yes, MT is highly commercialized right down to paying $2 per person for admission into the torture room. It was worth it. The torture room had Medieval Torture devices and how they were used. I think there should have been an age requirement to enter as some of the information and items there were a little.....mature.

We went into the "grand hall" where the show was. Let me tell you. It's impressive to see about 1500 people fed their dinner all at the same time! There was MORE than enough food:

Tomato Bisque
Roasted 1/2 chicken
Spare Rib
Roasted Potato
Warmed pastry
2 x cold drink refills
1 x coffee was yummy though I was more mesmerized by the horses (of course).

All in all, it was a great [k]night! :)

Afterwards, we hit Jillian's (similar to D&B) .

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