Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alternative Resorts.

Because Chris (not PoolBoy) and I had this brief conversation the other night:

Differences Among "Alternative" Resorts

I didn't know exactly how to define them besides "alternative" resorts, and I am not, by any means, an expert on them. I just happened to work at one for two seasons and asked questions...and made observations. There are three main types in my opinion: clothing optional, nudist, and swingers. Of course, you would assume that all three have an underlying structure of "sex," but you might be surprised.

1. Clothing Optional: A clothing optional resort is just that. You can go around naked, or you can wear clothing. It gives you the freedom of choice to do what you want. You are not required to be naked. You will not get in trouble for being naked. This is where I worked while in college: a clothing optional resort. More often than not, the staff all wear clothing. This is in no way a "sex" resort. Often, there are strict rules and guidelines to govern the resort including no significant PDA (feeling up your partner or having sex in random places). Overly outward signs of arousal or staring a little too much is also looked down upon. For the most part, true nudists can admire the human body, but they won't jump the bones of anyone they see. Being naked is as normal as wearing clothes.

2. Nudist: A nudist resort is also self-explanatory; however, rules state you MUST be nude. There are NO clothes allowed whatsoever except maybe a towel for the pool. Staff members are also nude. "Leave your clothes at the gate" is more the mentality for nudist resorts. However, this is also in no way a "sex" resort. There are also strict rules governing composure at the resort.

3. Swingers: Wear clothes. Don't wear clothes. Have sex at the bar, have sex in the pool, go to sex parties on the beach. Whatever. This is an "anything goes" type of resort. Significant PDA? You could say that. I've not been to a Swingers resort, and frankly, I have no want of going to one. I've heard first-hand experiences from tasteful swingers from the clothing optional resort and know enough that it just doesn't appeal to me. I failed sharing in kindergarten (actually, I was a good kid, but you get the idea). I also think that people have a skewed perception of "swingers." I mean real swingers. I don't mean people that screw anything that has a pulse and calls themself a swinger for doing so. Not the same thing.

Misconceptions of nudist/clothing optional resorts (since I can't comment on "Swingers" as I haven't been):

"yeah but I bet most of the people there are old or people you wouldn't want to see naked."
Not really. I'd say about 20% of the people are in that category. There is a wide variety of age groups that go to the resorts.

"Yeah but people are going around having sex everywhere."
Please see #1 and #2 above regarding rules.

"Yeah but they want to have sex with everyone."
Negative. Being naked does not equal being a pervert.

Just thought I'd spread the word :)

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