Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Non-Spencerific Crafted Beers

The past month or so, I've become a beer snob. I've moved on past the Spencer's Gifts beer (beer that is Americanized and popular enough to warrant paraphernalia to be sold at Spencer's) and into more "crafted" seasonal beers (in no particular order):

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat: This Leinenkugel officially has me addicted to Leinens in general. I haven't had the "Berry Weiss" as I'm a little wary of trying any beer with the word "Berry" in it. The Sunset Wheat has a blueberry almost Fruity Pebbles taste to it. I'm sure it'd be good served with a slice of citrus to accentuate that.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy: I had Summer Shandy last night. Just when I thought Leinen couldn't get any better for a light summer brew, here comes Summer Shandy: a crisp beer with a hint of (not overpowering) Lemonade in it as well. It was a good complement to steaks...and pork....and portabello mushrooms....and mushrooms and onions....and salad (except for PB 'cause he doesn't eat salad!)

Tommyknocker Jack Whacker: Jack Whacker was suggested by the waitress (Jamie) at Taco Mac. I had the Sunset Wheat and wanted to move onto something else. Of course, the name sounded naughty, and it had my nickname (Jack) in it, so why wouldn't I try it? Though, not as good as Sunset Wheat, it was a slightly heavier, not as fruity wheat beer as Sunset Wheat. It was still good, and, of course, I had to peel the label of a jackass kicking a miner :)

Who knows what beer comes up next? I'll make sure to update them.


Amanda said...

I actually really enjoyed the Berry Weiss when I tried it at Taco Mac last time I was there. Next time you're west of the Mississippi (because they don't ship out here), you really owe it to yourself to try New Belgium's Fat Tire. I think you would love it as much as I do. The past couple of times we've touched down in Denver, the first thing I do is get a pint of Fat Tire, lol.

Amanda said...

Aa-hahahahahaaa!! I just noticed the countdown on your blog! *grin* I'm so excited, Jack, I really am. And burning with curiosity. I almost took advantage of Robert's weakened condition the past few days to coerce him into telling me what's going on. But...I was a good girl and left him alone. :)