Tuesday, August 19, 2008

K.'s Mom

Thank you for those of you offering the warm wishes for K.'s (brother's fiancée) mom. We are hoping it is just what the doctors originally thought it to be....a benign mass. She will start seeing a lung specialist for further testing. Those of you that know me personally, I will keep you posted on her progress.

To the posers, the "haters," and the persons that are selfish, I am sorry that you feel the need to degrade others, and I hope that one day you can move on from that and grow up, or you will never be happy.


Mama McCall said...

I will be praying for K's mom.

Um, who would be so hateful?

Amanda said...

I don't know how I missed the announcement that she was ill, but I'm keeping her in my prayers!

Jack said...

The other week when K.'s phone was upstairs, K. went upstairs to get it, and there were six missed calls from her mom. When she checked her voicemail, her mom was wheezy and sounded awful.

K. took her to the hospital THEN. They said, "oh it's pneumonia - take this."

She, obviously, didn't get better and took her to the hospital this week. She has a mass that they "think" is just left over fluid from pneumonia, but they don't know. She couldn't drive herself to the hospital because she could barely breathe or move.

Anonymous said...

"Jack" - Just want you to know I am totally mourning your absence in my life, and what could have been, but for my own stupidity. You touched me - deeply. I wish I could do it over again - walking across hot coals for your communication/affection would be a small price to pay for my idiocy. I know this is somewhat inappropriate and largely impractical, but life is short, and my desire to have a second chance with you is long - Otherwise - please excuse the indiscretion of my plea - sincerely,

insensitive lout