Monday, June 6, 2011

What's worse than Georgia Summer heat?

What's worse than the scorching and humid Georgia Summer weather? No man-made relief from it as in...air conditioning.

We had noticed on Saturday that our AC may not be running up to par.  There's no reason why the temperature inside our home should read "85" (Fahrenheit) with our thermostat set at "74" (Fahrenheit.)  There's no reason why wearing close to nothing should still produce rivers of sweat.

We went out, noticed the unit was running but was covered in dirt and leaves.  We hosed it down, and we prayed for the best.  Nope. 

Last night we were sitting in bed, melting, and I said, "I don't think the AC is working properly."  We have an oversized ceiling fan in our bedroom, and it was just circulating heat.  I stepped outside, and it was cooler outside (no bueno.)  Even our dogs (inside dogs, of course) were restless. 

After putting our hand near a vent, we noticed it wasn't blowing out any cool air (or air) whatsoever.  Great.

It's now 12 a.m. (midnight,) we're melting, we're having AC issues, and we both have to work in the morning.  After checking around and doing some quick fixes, we were able to wash down (again,) and head to bed (at 2:15 a.m.)  I was woken up at 2:37 a.m., drenched in sweat.  In a half asleep-daze, I reached down, and the AC was barely blowing.  Instead of turning it off and opening the windows, I went back to sleep until waking up at 6 a.m. completely miserable and exhausted (I couldn't get to sleep the night before, and now this makes night #2 - prepare for Ms. Cranky today.) 

I turn off the AC, open all of the windows, turn on the ceiling fan, and cook breakfast.  When Andrew wakes up, I tell him what was going on, and he was less than thrilled.  Luckily, my SIL informs me that she and my brother's friend is an HVAC guy (I sent his wife an e-mail as soon as I got into my office!)

In the meantime, we moved our dogs' crates downstairs in our finished (and cool) basement so they wouldn't get heat exhaustion today, and I'm crossing my fingers that "HVAC" can help us!

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