Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two tomato tidbits

Our lovely trio of tomatoes have been attacked by Tomato Hornworms.  They're nasty buggers that are camouflaged so neatly in the plant's foliage that they are hard to detect.  I noticed perfectly quadrilateral droppings, but I couldn't find the source.  Andrew noticed some of our leaves missing.  When I looked around, I was faced with a fat sucker chowing down on the leaves.  Andrew removed him and two of his buddies and threw them in the fire.  Die, MF'er, DIE! Our tomato plants are okay.  We haven't found anymore nor have we seen signs of anymore of them.  We have around 50 tomatoes waiting to ripen.  Tonight, I will pick three more softball-sized tomatoes.

A few weeks ago, we saw a plant in our yard that looked like a tomato plant.  I said, "no, we haven't planted any out there."  Sure enough, tiny green globular things started growing.  I thought, "don't pick them.  They are probably berries."  I got home from work last night, and my fianc√© says, "yeah....they're tomatoes."  I walked out with him, and sure enough there were bride red things on this plant.  We picked one, cut it open, it LOOKED like a tomato, and it SMELLED like a tomato.  By, George!  We have cherry tomatoes in our backyard we never planted!  The only thing we can think of is maybe a bird ate a seed, pooped it out, and now we have cherry tomatoes!

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