Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gag-worthy Hypocrisy

Warning: Adult Content. 
I have never seen such hypocrisy as that surrounding politics and religion. 

I realize that I am stating the obvious, but it wasn't until recently that I was thoroughly blasted with it.  For all intensive purposes, I am renaming the individuals in this story: "Bill" and "Mary" are the married couple.  "Lucifer" is the "other man."  Yes, this is real.

"Bill" and "Mary" were perfect for each other.  They shared the same goals, morals, and religious beliefs (among other things.)  "Bill" and "Mary" were married a few years ago, and it seemed like the perfect marriage.  "Bill" and "Mary" decided to pursue a sexual lifestyle out of the norm.  I have nothing against swinging couples.  I know many of them.  (For a brief rundown, "Bill" and "Mary" never followed the "full swap" mentality of just what it sounds like.) So that was that..."Bill" and "Mary", but they did have rules and set standards, etc. for it all.  What makes this even more humorous is "Mary" was raised in a very strict, religious upbringing.  "Mary" studied religions at her university.  "Mary" received an upper-level degree in theology and religious studies.  "Mary's" sole goal was to become a Minister.  Already, I'm seeing some hypocrisy.  I'm pretty sure there aren't any passages in The Bible (the religious beliefs they followed) that condone "swinging" or an alternative lifestyle.

We hadn't heard from "Bill" in awhile until we received a note from him just signed as "Bill" and not "Bill and Mary."  We contacted "Bill" and weren't expecting to hear such a tale: "Mary" and he were getting a divorce.  They had been having issues, went through counseling, and nothing was working.  The straw that broke the camel's back is when "Mary" ran into someone from her past and began an extramarital sexual relationship with "Lucifer."  Now, the way that "Bill" and "Mary's" lifestyle was, this was absolutely NOT part of their "rules" for their lifestyle.  This was nothing more than infidelity.  "Bill" was devastated.  They are now legally separated.

The kicker is "Bill and Mary" were invited to our wedding.  "Bill" said he was coming, and he said "Mary" wanted to come, too, but she wanted to bring her new boyfriend, "Lucifer."  (They had received the invitation right when they decided on the divorce/info came out.  What?  This isn't Jerry Springer, folks. 

Thanks to social networking, my fiancé "proved his real friendship" (joke) by "friending" "Bill" online.  While he was looking through "Bill's" picture, he sees a photo take a few months ago.  "Mary" in full Minister attire.  She had become an ordained Minister.

Now, I seem to recall back in my days of CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine - Catholic) that nowhere did it say anything about infidelity being acceptable, and nowhere did it say anything about "infidelity is unacceptable....except for those of 'the cloth.'" Instead, this hypocrite is teaching others how to love one another, respect one another, honor one another, but yet....clearly, this person is not doing so.

This is not my first run-in with hypocrites and religion.  When I was in college, this seemingly nice young man and I chit chatted for YEARS.  He was "single."  He would say things like, "I wish you could have come with me to my high school reunion!" etc. and when I saw a photo of some girl kissing him on the cheek, I laughed and said, "High School sweetheart?"  (He and I weren't dating, what did I care?) He laughed and said, "yeah -she's a good friend of mine from back home."  He made statements like, "one day, I hope to get married, have kids, and live the ideal American dream." 

Six years later, I found him on a social networking site, and it said "Married" and showed photos of three smiling children.  I sent him a message and said, "hey! Congrats on the marriage and the new family!" The response I received was, "LOL - what are you talking about? I've been married for ten years.  They are mine and my wife's kids."  Sure enough, he had been lying the entire time.  I don't know what made me more angry - the fact he was trying to pick me up or the fact that he had lied about the woman in the reunion picture (his wife) and that he "hoped to have kids someday," but was already a father!  A quick message later he said, "sorry about that - my wife was standing nearby.  I had been cheating..." yadda yadda yadda.  Guy was a youth minister and radio host for a Christian radio program. 

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife........................unless you're a Minister.

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