Friday, September 24, 2010

Why I hate ComCast...

We signed up for ComCast internet and Expanded Basic Cable in May 2010. Up until Wednesday, things were going well. We had EBC which included local channels and the other channels we watch such as TBS, USA, etc. On Wednesday, we had local channels and a hodge podge of crappy channels that didn't even include The Weather Channel.

I called ComCast yesterday, and they said, "there seems to be a problem, but we don't know what it is."

I contacted Live Chat Support today, and they tell me that I will need to upgrade to Extended Basic Cable (I thought Expanded and Extended were the same thing.) I asked the associate how do I do that, and he just repeated, "you have to upgrade." When they finally transferred me to the sales department, the sales department tells me that Extended Basic Cable isn't offered in my area (we just had it Wednesday!,) and he was looking for other options.


Triple Play - $120/month for tv, internet, and telephone!

We pay $40/month. Why would $120/month and a service we don't need be appealing to us?

He told us in order to get the channels we HAD, we would need to pay $120/month. When I asked, "is that all you can do?" He said, "yes."


I closed out of LiveChat. That's ridiculous. We JUST had expanded cable or whatever the Hell you want to call it. We'll pay for those channels back. I know you can just flip a switch, but we will NOT pay $120/month.

I logged out, and I went back to the website to "shop" for another package. Same channels we HAD for 4 times as much - $58/month for "digital starter." Not only that, but $58 + $25 for an "install fee." WTH? They should WAIVE that.

So when Andrew comes home tonight, we'll be discussing. I really HATE satellite companies, and I live OnDemand, but I REALLY despise ComCast's Customer Service.

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