Thursday, September 23, 2010

The [lack of] Logic of U-Verse

I loved it when U-Verse salespersons recently came to our house. I told them how much we pay per month for t.v. and internet ($40) and they said, "well I have a great deal for you. We can do this, this, and this, and you can get ALL of these channels, and your internet will do this."

[Unenthusiastic] "Great. How much?"

"Well, it's $115 per month, but we'd be willing to knock off $25 from that for the first 6 months leaving you with $90 per month to pay. When can we sign you up?"

I gave them a less-than-amused face and asked, "so, you want me to pay more than I am paying now...double...and then almost triple...for things I don't need?"

That's when the door-to-door salesperson's supervisor stepped in and said, "well your internet is SLOW, and this would make it faster."

I told her, "for the things we use the internet for, it runs just fine, and we almost never watch television. I'm not interested, sorry."

A couple of days later, they came back around and said, "okay so when can we schedule your install."

Really? We're not that dumb.

Really? We're not that dumb.

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