Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Responsible dog breeding soapbox

I read something on a website today that made me shake my head. The breeder was irresponsible for a variety of things (including "if your puppy dies of parvo, bring it back, and we will replace it at no charge. NO money back!" Parvovirus can live in the soil, the carpet, the kennels, etc. so you're getting just another sick puppy that just hasn't shown symptoms yet.)

Here it is.....ready?

"We do not guarantee temperament as these things are in how the dogs are raised."

No. I think this "breeder" has this incorrect. Actually, I know he does.

Temperament, that is to say the dog's overall character, is genetic and not in how the dog is raised. A dog that is overly shy or overly aggressive is 9 times out of 10 genetic. Most responsible breeders will cull an animal from their stock that is overly shy or overly aggressive, and they would definitely take that animal back from a buyer.

For some time, I thought, "it's all in how they're raised," but recent events have made me realize it's in how they're raised, and it's in the dog's genetics, too.

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