Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ah the joys of the internet....

Ready for this e-mail exchange?

Scammer had an ad placed on Atlanta's Kijiji for a "Bull Terrier" that they were "giving away."
1) The person's located was listed as "Brooklyn, NY."
2) The dog was a mixed breed. Not a Bull Terrier and not a Pit Bull Terrier.
3) My initial e-mail was, "So are you in Brooklyn or Atlanta?"

And away we go......................

SCAMMER: "do u think that dogs are not put to sleep in atlanta?"

ME: "You posted an ad for a Bull Terrier needing a home (even though that puppy is NOT a Bull Terrier) due to the landlord. You posted this on ATLANTA'S Kijiji as in.......classified ads for people living in/around Atlanta, Georgia. Your location is posted as BROOKLYN, NY."

SCAMMER: "i postred it in pets wanted giving it away not callind animal control so in 10 day a pure breed or even mut can be killed."

ME: "1) Learn how to speak English before scamming someone.

2) You posted the ad on the ATLANTA, GEORGIA Kijiji website. Your location is BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. I've even attached the screenshot of your ridiculous advertisement.

3) Be sure and use the correct dog breed instead of making one up for the mixed breed you're holding in the picture (or the picture you stole off the internet)."

SCAMMER: "i guess people from the south are pretty dumb cause when we were all set free u stayed do u pick cotton i work in a bank and a single black women"

ME: "I'm sorry. I don't understand Ebonics, but hey if people are as dumb as you are that live in Brooklyn, I am damn proud to be living in ATLANTA, GEORGIA. If you are a "single black woman," why are you caucasian in your ad? "

SCAMMER: "yo ya heard im givin it to somr peeps who wants it to b in da crib"

ME: ""

SCAMMER: "no i dont pick cptton i am pure u wife white or symmin" (don't know why she/he/it asked this when all I did was reply with Hooked on Phonics.)

ME: ""

SCAMMER: "Home Page" (It was a White Supremacy website - I did a right click - properties to see what the site was)

ME: ""

The scammer went on and on at how she's a "proud black women" ("e" intentional) and such. I am sure that every single woman I know of African decent would become physically ill after reading what this woman wrote and the fact she calls herself a "proud black women." I guess she thinks I am a black man? (based on her - is your wife white? which I GUESS is what she was trying to say?)

Some people. Hell even if they were "real," I wouldn't know what the HELL they were saying!

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