Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Tilted Kilt:" How insulting!

I was [slightly] excited about a new "pub" opening in Kennesaw/Marietta, GA called "Tilted Kilt." "WAS" being the keyword here. I decided to do a google search on it to find out more, and boy was I not only disappointed but insulted as well.

I should have known what type of place it would be with cheap signs at the end of exit ramps, "Tilted Kilt Girls Wanted."

Putting "PUB" in an establishment's title instead of "BAR" does not make it a "Pub." Having a play on words like "Kilt" does not make it Scottish (nor do the super skimpy plaid skirts make kilts.)

So I got past the name and the "uniforms" of the "girls," and I moved onto the menu. Not a single item was remotely "pub-fare" as it claimed to be: hamburgers, chicken fingers, hot wings, nachos (tortilla chips), etc. are NOT traditional pub fare, and you'd be laughed out of Europe trying to pass ANY of those items off as "food for a pub."

Let's call it what it really is: "Hooters with prettier 'uniforms.'"

So, again, we have bastardized something that is revered all around the world: an honest to goodness pub.

Way to go................Way to go.

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