Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So you get to a drive-thru...

...during lunch....and a woman in front of you says, "I don't know yet."
"Okay, just order when you're ready."
Three minutes pass (three more cars pulled up behind me)

"I'll have the original chicken sandwich meal.....medium...."
"What kind of drink?"
"A medium Diet Coke."
"Will that be all?"
"No, and I will have the six piece chicken nugget children's meal...."
"What do you want to drink with the chicken nugget meal?"
"CHILDREN'S meal."
"What do you want to drink with the chicken nugget children's meal?"
" Delete that first order. Get me the 4 piece chicken strip meal....medium."
"Okay so you have the 4 piece chicken strip meal and the children's meal?"
"No children's meal....just the 4 piece strip meal."
"Will that be all?"
" Delete that. I'll have the 6 piece chicken nugget meal .... medium....and an original chicken sandwich."
"What would you like to drink with that?"
"That's JUST the chicken sandwich...not the meal."
"Yes ma'am...what do you want to drink with the nugget meal?"
"A Diet Coke...oh.....and a side of fruit, too."
"So that's a 6 piece chicken nugget meal...medium....with Diet original chicken sandwich...NOT the meal....and a side of fruit?"
"$$$$$$, please pull around."

She gets up to the window and adds a milkshake.

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