Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where have manners and self-respect gone?

As Andrew and I were leaving the gas station last night, we had the windows down in my Honda, and we are suddenly jarred.

Our ears catch it first, and then our eyes as a tall, slim woman is waving her hands around, standing by the gas station building screaming and yelling, " allow that b*tch drive MY car around and then you're gonna talk sh*t to me!" She continues with other expletives, hand waving, neck moving gesticulations as she approaches a white Dodge Neon parked by the vacuum beside another car. She continues screaming and shouting, her own little tirade, as we see she is talking to a guy who is bent over in the backseat throwing stuff away.

The woman walks over to the car, still pissed, as we are now beside the gas station waiting on a red light. She now has an audience of others at the gas station.

She continues her rantings and battery of scathing words to the guy as he stands up, proud as a peacock with an asshole's smirk on his face, continuing to clean the car.

As we drive off, the woman is going in the trunk throwing stuff out of it on the ground.

What has happened to manners and self-respect? Does that woman not realize how much of a psycho she acted like? What does she think namecalling and screaming at someone is going to do in the parking lot of a gas station? And the guy...what the Hell, man? Mr. Cocky McCockerson is really just a dick.

Methinks these two were raised by rabid animals.

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