Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Emory Study on Smoking and Relationships

I had heard an advertisement on the morning radio show I listen to while driving to work. They were looking for couples in which one member smoked, and the other member did not smoke.


Andrew smokes. I do not.

Being as Andrew wants to quit, I e-mailed them, and I received a response from them. I had to fill out a survey (basically informational stuff), and, if we qualified for their study, we would be contacted.

I received the phone call today. Andrew has to call to set up his appointments for the program. If I understood the advertisement, it was to also help the smoker quit smoking.

I think there are two, maybe three, office visits for the study.

Wish him luck!


Amanda said...

How did you contact them for more information? I heard the ad on the radio as well but didn't get the contact info. Thanks.

Jack said...

I googled the phone number in the radio station ad to get an e-mail address.