Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rough and Tough Weekend

Andrew and I left at 6am Saturday morning to pick up Wisterria near Dublin, Georgia. Ugh. What a drive. It didn't help that we were about 30 minutes from the person's farm, and they call, ask where we are, and say they "got a family reunion to git to in a few minutes" but they "guess they could wait."

We get there, and POOR HORSES! NO grass. CRAPPY weedy hay. Scrap metal in pastures. Just SAD. Wisterria loaded on the trailer like a dream, and we were off. She rode quietly in the trailer the entire way.

We unloaded her at the new farm in Ball Ground, and I think she thought she died and went to Heaven.

Andrew was headed back to return the truck to his parents' house, and I was headed to take the boys (dogs) home. We get a call asking us if we can please come back and help with a colicking horse.

I was almost home, dropped the boys off, and Andrew turned around and went back to the barn.

We spent awhile herding around a colicking mare who was the hardest to catch before setting up some fence panels and herding her in. We gave her an injection, and got her settled for the night. It wasn't that exhausting, but phew - it was a chore. I went down with the owners' daughter and brought up two other horses, putting one mare in with her stallion in the round pen for breeding.

We stayed until about 10pm before heading out to eat, sleep, and do it all in the morning.

Andrew agreed to ride down with one of the owners to Fort Myers, Florida to help bring back some equipment from a relative. I watered the horses, drove the one of the farm's F-350 Dually trucks over to Andrew's parents house where he proceeded to replace the brake pads. We headed back to the farm, truck was emptied out, and they were on their way.

Then there were.....four: Me, farm owner, farm owner's daughter, and farm owner's mom who came by.

We got some grain, went down in the Mule and transferred moms and babies into another pasture, then we grained them. Then the fun part.

The farm owner's teenage daughter and I were bringing the yearlings down to a pasture: yearlings who hadn't been out in awhile. I got the pain in the ass.

Damn good thing I wore cowboy boots as they do not lead very well, and every little thing spooked them. I held on tight, dug my heels in, and let the big yearling colt swing around, hollering, me...avoiding feet as he went.....reeled him back in, and continued walking. After some bouts of spooking, hollering, rearing, me circling him, we got him down to the pasture.

I moved another horse over to another pasture, and then I had to go to meet friends for dinner.

I got home around 7pm or so, and PHEW! I took the boys out, put my food away in the fridge, and now I'm jumping in the shower.

Tomorrow, after work, I'm headed out there for some minor stuff: mucking Wisterria's stall, feeding, and watering the horses since it will only be the owner there tomorrow.

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