Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Really? Do I seem that naive?

I had a woman call me at work, and this is how the conversation went:

Caller: Hello. This is Judy calling from your copier's customer service. I just need to get the serial number of your ImageRunner copier.

Me: (knowing she was going to try to sell me toner or just send one and bill us, I replied) We don't have an ImageRunner. (which we don't)

Caller: Yes, you do.

Me: No, we don't. We only have one copy machine here, and it is NOT an ImageRunner.

Caller: [getting mad] Uh, YES you do. If it's not an ImageRunner, what is it then?

Me: I don't know; it's in the other room. You know what? Let me go check......it's a Canon.

Caller: *scoff* Well that IS an ImageRunner.

Me: What is this in regards to?

Caller: [rude] I'm just calling to get the serial number. This is customer service.

Me: We don't have a sticker on the front. We do all of our customer service through another company.

Caller: This has nothing to do with that. [getting condescending] Right on the front where it says CANON IMAGERUNNER, it has the serial number. Starts with 224 and goes from there? I need that.

Me: What is this in regards to? We DO NOT have an ImageRunner nor a serial number sticker on the front of our copy machine.

Caller: It IS an ImageRunner *she hangs up*


Right............."your copier's customer service." Damn, I wish I had been quick-thinking and said, "Damn! I didn't know my copy machine had its own customer service network working for it!"

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