Friday, June 12, 2009

My WORST nightmare...

I hate spiders.

That shouldn't come as a shock to any of you that know me.

So what's the most horrific thing that could happen to someone who doesn't like spiders? Andrew answered it with, "tons and tons of spiders."


Last night, I walk inside, and something falls on me. I jumped sideways, brushing it off. At first, I thought it was a giant beetle that hangs out outside of my apartment. I couldn't figure out why the giant beetle brought ants with it - tons and tons of ants squirming and scattering all over my kitchen floor.

Then I realized what it was.

I saw more "ants" come off the "beetle's" body, and then I counted, "6-7-8....8 legs."

It was a friggin' WOLF SPIDER with its BABIES on its back! I.......freaked........out! I realized that these "ants" were its babies spreading out, covering my kitchen floor. I wanted to scream, I wanted to throw up, instead....I freaked out and cried.

First, I tried shooing the Wolf Spider away by throwing Post-Its at it (yeah it didn't work). I looked around (mind you, the babies are still scattering around the kitchen), and I grabbed my Gardening Insecticide and started blasting the Hell out of it. I covered the babies in it. If anything, I thought it would slow them down.

Then I doused "mom." Then I picked up Clorox spray..........and I doused everyone again (mom was STILL alive!), and I finished it off with a nice layer (*cough* half a can *cough*) of RAID.

The babies weren't moving, but my floor was soaked. "Mom" went underneath the fridge, but, before she did, she expelled all of the remaining babies on my floor *gag*

I waited a good hour before I got brave enough to grab an umbrella, and poke the spider to death. Well, I say "to death," but the fact it didn't move, and its entrails squished out probably means it was already dead.

My worst nightmare.....................and now my apartment smells like RAID.

Andrew tries to make me feel better, "Yeah, everytime I go out on the patio, I kill TONS of 'bad spiders' trying to make their way in." It's like THEY KNOW I don't like them! I think it's a spider coup!

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A.Hab said...

*shudder* That IS the worst nightmare!! The story got worse and worse! I literally shrieked aloud when I read what the ants really were. Oh my word. Because of the move, we're upsetting a bunch of colonies of a bunch of yucky things, and I feel your pain. No wolf spiders yet. Teeny tiny green ones and that sort of thing, but nothing quite so horrific yet. *shudder* I hate the summertime in the South because of all the bugs!