Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pay $1, Punch "Speidi."

I'm not really one to watch reality t.v. shows, but I half-started watching, "I'm a Celebrity...get me out of here!"

It's a "reality" show with a cast of celebrities that are placed in a Costa Rican jungle (though it looks like a sound-stage). It's basically.....celebrity Survivor except the audience can vote on who they want to keep each week/day/whatever. The "winner" gets money for their charity.

The list of "celebrities" is as follows:

Stephen Baldwin
Lou Diamond Phillips
Janice Dickinson
John Salley
Sanjaya Malakar
Patti Blagojevich
Torrie Wilson
Frangela (two women)
"Speidi" - Spencer and Heidi Pratt from "The Hills."

I have never been so ashamed to be a twenty-something in my entire life after watching two episodes of this show. Listening to the Bert Show every morning, I knew some background on "Speidi." They are/were/whatever a couple from the television show, "The Hills." That's about all they are good for besides fanning the flames of paparazzi. They are 200% selfish and self-centered that I wanted to punch both of them. If it wasn't the constant, "I'm too famous and rich to be here" spouted from the annoying mouth of Spencer, then it was Heidi spraying hairspray or whatever product it was on her hair and then on Spencer's Spencer was the camera when they decided to quit.

If I could say one thing to them, it would be "I'm not sorry for this" right before I punched them both in the face.

I cannot believe how absolutely rude they are....telling everyone they're too famous to be here....they can't believe they're here with "these people" and even made reference to being more rich and famous than Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond Phillips. Upon "leaving" (because we know they'll be back), Spencer told Phillips, "Thanks for 'Young Guns,' man. I don't know what I'd do without it." I've always liked Phillips. He's managed to stay out of the trouble, do some good things, and stay out of the limelight.

"Speidi," on the other hand have had everything handed to them from day one. Am I saying this because I'm jealous? Absolutely not. I have a feeling that they would starve if someone didn't provide them with ready-made meals.

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