Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yeah. We did that.

Last night I went with Andrew to buy his Tahoe. The driver of the Tahoe is a Freshman at North Georgia College in Dahlonega (my "alma mater.") After Andrew's test drive, and while Andrew was checking things out mechanically, I had a chance to talk with the driver about North Georgia and how he liked it. He said he liked it VERY much, and then he started to tell me some things:

1) This year was the first year that North Georgia allowed male students to live on campus and not be in the Corps of Cadets. The guys are living in Lewis Annex which posed a question for me, "what about the upperclasswomen? Where are they living?" I know that Owen Hall is on campus now (an AMLI apartment complex on campus with NGC housing rules), but there was always a shortage of housing for woman.

2) In Flag Football, you have to run with your arms outstretched and the ball in your hands. You can't tuck the ball under and run or anything because they say you're "guarding the flags." I guess Flag Football has changed a bit from when we used to play in intramurals: the guys would stop playing to watch our games because we were brutal.

3) Parking: The decals are still permanent adhesive, which makes it a pain in the neck to scrape off if you sell/wreck your car. The freshman said, "why not parking hang tags, duh."

Well, my dear Freshman, I am sorry to say that my class was quite possibly the class that caused these rule changes.

We were too rough in intramurals so much so that Chestatee was always on campus with an ambulance.
You don't have hangtags on your cars because we used to trade out with friends when we wanted better parking or closer parking to classes. Yeah, we ruined that for you.

When I got done talking to the Freshman, I told him he could thank us for the crazy rules now at North Georgia. I'm pretty darn sure my friends and I were the cause of them.

I wonder if they have any rules against Marco Polo on the Drill Field at midnight?

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Amanda said...

Heh...I never realized we were so bad....