Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Brandie/Nicole Carter...

You are a crook, and you are a fraud.

You attempted to sell us a dog that you had already sold to someone else. The photos you sent to us as being "Meeka" were not Meeka at all. You not only lied to us, but you lied so elaborately that it is pathological. The extent you went to selling us your lies is unbelievable.

We've seen the updated photos of "Meeka" owned by the 20 year old girl in South Carolina. We know that the photos you sent us were not of Meeka. I have since taken the liberty of screenshots of all of the photos you have posted publically showing your "K-9 partners" and your "retired K-9 partners" that have never been K-9s - police or otherwise. They were dogs you got for free from people of whom you took advantage.

No wonder you did not reply to my lengthy and fact-ridden e-mail. You were in the wrong, and you knew it.

To the readers of this blog, be careful when dealing with Brandie/Nicole Carter out of South Carolina (Columbia-area) who "owns" Unicorn Valley Shepherds and professes to being a dog trainer. You WILL get screwed.

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