Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm movin' on up (in the gaming world)

Yeah, I'm moving up. So last year, I was given the coveted title of "Moderator" and part of the Admin team of HOT GAMER GIRLS. As we've started to evolve into a bigger and better group and website, I've been handed new responsibilities.

I mean, damn, it sucks, doesn't it? To be able to get FULL copies of 360 games before they even hit the shelves for testing and reviewing on the site? Yeah, I don't think it sucks either. Looks like I'll be averaging about 3-4 games per month. The best part? They're free of charge.

Our L4D League is steadily growing, but our Team Captain is based out of Kent, England so getting together to play may be quirky.

Other than that...still gaming....still racking up achievements.

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