Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bunch of Crap

Andrew called a guy last night that had a Full Size blazer for sale for $3000. He told the guy (who lived in Dahlonega) that he would be up tonight (Tues night) with cash, in hand, to buy it if he wanted it. The guy said that would be fine, etc. and that they did have another offer on it, but it wasn't the asking price of $3000 so if Andrew came up there, cash in hand, it was his.

Andrew just texted me that the Blazer is gone. The guy went ahead and sold it to someone else even though we made firm plans to drive almost 2 hours one way to go and buy the darn thing tonight.

This sucks. The guy never said "First Come, First Serve," he just told Andrew that the Blazer would be waiting for him and to just call him this afternoon to make sure he was home.

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