Sunday, April 5, 2009

AT&T Wireless being moved to my sh*t list.

I called AT&T last week about changing my rate plan to one that was less expensive per month. The only people I really call besides my parents are on the AT&T network, so I have hundreds of rollover minutes.

I was told by the operator that I pay "automatic debits." Okay, that's nothing new.

That my cell phone bill dropped on April 8th of this month. Okay.

That I would not be able to change my service plan until April 7th or April 8th before or on the day the bill drops. Okay - sounded dumb to me, but I thought, "okay, I'll wait then."

Today is the 5th of April, and I just got a text message from AT&T telling me that my electronic payment was successful for my bill and that the next bill drops May 9th.!

To make matters worse, I call AT&T support, and, guess what? They're not open on Sundays. They're only open 7am-9pm during the week and until 6pm on Saturdays ("in your time zone.")

Is this just another way for AT&T to screw us over??? What the Hell?

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