Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(not getting) Meeka: Part III : Mon morn - Mon night

Part III:

8:00 am: Woke up. Got dressed. Ate breakfast. Called Nicole. Headed down to Riverfront Park. Called Nicole again. Took Cash for a walk around the park/talked to Rangers.

10:30 am: Called Nicole; left VM
11:15 am: Called Nicole; left VM
11:30 am: Called Nicole; left VM
11:45 am: Called Nicole; left VM (seeing a trend?)
12:15 pm: Called Nicole; left VM
1:00 pm: Andrew gets pissed and says, “Let’s drive to Saluda” (since she supposedly works for the PD there).

2:00 pm: Arrive in Saluda (appx. 45 min from Columbia). Nicole finally calls back, “hey, I just woke up. Let me throw some clothes on, feed the dogs, and then I’ll get the dog and meet you guys off Exit 44 off I-20 at the truck stop.” Throughout this time, I tell Nicole, we can meet you closer; we can meet you at your house; oh? The roommate has the dog today, we can meet your roommate somewhere? No….no…..no…..no.
3:00 pm: Arrive at Truck Stop. Call Nicole; leave VM.
3:30 pm: Call Nicole; leave VM.
3:59 pm: Nicole calls – I JUST got out of the shower [silence on my end]. Let me throw some clothes on, head to Columbia, get the dog, and come meet you.
Me: “How long do you think that will take?”
Her: “Well, I have to leave here, drive to Columbia, get the dog, and come meet you.” (nice and vague)
4:30 pm: Call Nicole; leave VM.
5:00 pm: Call Nicole; leave VM.
5:15 pm: Call Nicole; leave VM.
5:30 pm: Call Nicole; leave VM.
5:45-8:00 pm: Called Nicole; left VM. It had now been 4 hours since she said she was leaving the house, getting the dog, and meeting us.

It is now 10:50 am on Tuesday, and we have received no text message, no phone call – nothing from Nicole explaining anything or apologizing.

Personally, I think this is the rudest person I have ever met. She could have found a phone if her cell phone died, she could have used her roommate’s, used a payphone, called the truck stop where we were waiting for her on Monday and sent a message out to us, but, instead, nothing.

Here is the breakdown (in costs) of our failed trip:

Gas: $19
Food: $60
Hotel: $46
Cash food: $15
Total: $140 + waiting for 10.5 hours

1 day’s work missed: $160 (average)
Food: $57
Gas: $19
Cash Food: $2.14
Total: $238.14 + waiting on her for…..10 hours

Weekend total: $378.14 + 20.5 hours of waiting for her
Still NO dog, and, frankly, even if we wanted the dog still, she is going to have to drive the dog all the way to my home in Woodstock. Like Andrew said, we now question anything she’s told us. Does she really work for Saluda PD? Where does she live? Was there ever a dog?

We got home around 11:45 or so on Monday night, came in, took a shower, and went to bed. Poor Cash. He just shows us all the time what a wonderful boy he is. Never complaining, never being a brat – great boy on the trails at the park when other dogs approached, etc.

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Amanda said...

UNbelievable! Though I'm starting to wonder if there ever was a dog. That picture didn't look current in the least, even if it had been taken by a cell phone...using "black and white"...which...my phone doesn't have that setting and it's a pretty up-to-date camera, with a groovy flash and everything. So...yeah.

I'm really sorry for you that you wasted all that money and time, and STILL haven't gotten an apology from her. That's unacceptable!