Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(not getting) Meeka: Part I - Fri thru Sun night

Words cannot begin to describe the disappointment and utter distaste of what occurred this Sunday/Monday. Three parts.

Brief rundown….Andrew and I were headed to Columbia, SC to pick up Meeka, a 10 mths old female Shepherd who was being sold to us by a K-9 PD trainer/handler. The trainer/handler (we’ll call her “Nicole”), I knew in South Georgia, but I had lost contact with her around 2006 when I moved to Atlanta. I “thought” because we knew each other, things would go quickly and smoothly.

Friday, Feb. 20th: We make arrangements to come to Columbia, SC on Sunday to pick up Meeka.

Saturday, Feb 21st: We buy Meeka supplies.

Sunday, Feb. 22nd: We call Nicole at 10:30 am to tell her we’re headed out. She calls back around 11 am, and she tells me she is going over to her dad’s, but to call when we got 30 minutes away, and she would meet us with Meeka at a park. She said it would have to be quick as she had to go back to her dad’s.

3:30 pm: Arrive in Columbia. Call Nicole – leave a voicemail. Head to Finlay Park (would avoid it in the future).

4:00 pm: Decide to get a bite to eat. Send Nicole a text stating such.

4:45 pm: Done eating. Head to Riverfront Park. Send Nicole a text.

5:00 pm: Get to Riverfront Park.

6:20 pm: Done walking at Riverfront Park – decide to head back to car. Leave Nicole a VM. Tell Andrew, “well at least we KNOW this person and know she’s not going to jerk us around.”

7:00 pm: Phone call from Nicole apologizing as she had fallen asleep. Said she would be there in about an hour with the dog.

7:11 pm: Phone call from Nicole saying her dad was coming, and he drives an ’89 Bronco. Would be about an hour – hour and a half.

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