Monday, August 18, 2008

Poison Dart Frogs

We use bright and unique colors to warn people of dangers of various products, items, etc.
We get this idea from nature.
Poison Dart Frogs come in a variety of colors and patterns from vivid blue to stunning orange, and predators know "uh oh - stay away." Sure they hide, but think about it from an animal's standpoint - "I think I will eat that bright blue frog." I don't think so.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I've decided to keep Poison Dart Frogs. Don't freak out. I'm not going to kill anyone because Poison Dart Frogs lose their toxicity when in captivity. Their diets change, and we try to imitate what they eat in the wild.

Keeping poison dart frogs is kind of like keeping a miniature rainforest in your house. The humidity level has to be pretty high, and the temperature should be kept around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You use LIVE plants in REAL soil, and voila. You have your very own tropical eco-system.

I figure I will start "small." You can keep one adult frog per 5-gallons (rule of thumb) so I figure I'd opt for 20 gallons - 3-4 frogs. PDFs (Poison Dart Frogs) do not have webbed feet either so you shouldn't keep a lot of water in their tank as they could drown.

Stay tuned for updates, etc. I am trying to find a reputable poison dart person here in Georgia or the surrounding states.

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Amy D. said...

I'm blog surfing from a sense of purpose, who links to bride in training.

One guy who comes to the GA shows who always has BEAUTIFUL dendros is Under the Canopy farms.
He had some really lovely all in one set ups last time I went to a show. Little acrylic tanks with the plants and frogs and all.

He might be able to give you a source in GA, or you can meet up at the GA Reptile Expo in october.
I personally prefer Expo to repticon(l'ville), GA Herps keeps it running nicely.

I've thought about keeping dendro's but Husbeast says the Ball Python is plenty herps for now. :)