Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh my!

Someone's comment on a website:

"idk about her changiin till mii iitsz all an act 4 t.v..2 mii shesz still the lil spOiled brat..idk about changin in a week but then again anythin can happen..."

I almost couldn't understand what this person was saying.

"I don't know about her changing until ??? It's all an act for television. ??? She's still the little spoiled brat...I don't know about changing in a week, but then again, anything can happen."

Oh dear Lord I wish there was a reality show on eloquence and grammar.


Mama McCall said...

Is it supposed to be "to me"

Jack said...

I got the comment off Mtv regarding a reality t.v. show.

Mama McCall said...

I mean, is it supposed to be "to me" in the quote when you translated it with question marks