Thursday, August 28, 2008

Horrible woman on Craigslist.

Yesterday, Paulding County Animal Shelter posted that a Blue Doberman named "Zane" was available for adoption. A woman then posted an ad that said Zane had attacked she and her daughter, and how she had to be rushed to the hospital and now "Paulding County is trying to re-adopt them out."

I didn't believe her. I had seen Zane on Craigslist awhile back for adoption.

The woman then posts pictures of her "bite" on her next ad and came up with this elaborate story about her attack. I did a search for "vicious dog bites," and lo and behold, the psycho woman stole a picture from the New Zealand Medical Journal on fatal dog attacks. That's right. She stole the picture and said it was her bite wound.

This poor dog will probably not be adopted or euthanized because of this woman. I keep posting a rebuttal ad informing others that the pictures are fake. I hope nothing happens to this dog.

What is WRONG with people???

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Mama McCall said...

Why would someone do that? Humane Societies don't put vicious dogs up for adoption anyway.