Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maybe I'm not seeing the problem here?

1) I've never been to China.
2) I have read that the air pollution is horrific.
3) I have seen enough travel shows of Beijing and Hong Kong and any major city around China to literally SEE the air pollution haze above the city.

So what's so wrong with highly-trained, tip-top shape athletes wearing masks to filter the air pollution?

U.S. cyclists apologize for wearing masks at upon arrival in Beijing

BEIJING (AP) -- A group of American cyclists are apologizing to Beijing Olympic organizers after arriving in China's capital wearing face masks.
Jim Scherr, the U.S. Olympic Committee's chief executive officer says the athletes regret their actions and have written an apology to BOCOG on their own behalf."

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Amanda said...

I saw the Today Show doing some story on that this morning, but I had my headphones plugged into my iPod, so I missed what was said. I personally don't think they owe anyone an apology. Like these athletes are interested in ruining their health just for the sake of an overpopulated and over-polluted country's feelings? Please. Give me a break. If I were in their position, and relying on my health in the immediate future for the sake of my success, I would be taking as many precautions as I possibly could. This is their livelihood we're talking about!