Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A girls' lunch out with Jugs' Mee-ma

Jugs invited me to lunch with she and her Mee-ma today. Mee-ma is at an assisted living center around the corner (Alzheimer's) so once a month, Jugs goes over to give her a vitamin shot. We arrive, and I smile as we walk into the center. The center is set up like a town. Each "hall way" has a "porch" complete with an "outside" seating area. Each resident lives in one of the "houses," and each "house" has its own kitchen and living room as well. The hallways are set up like streets almost. The cafeteria is called the "Vinings Café" instead of the cold-worded "Cafeteria." Mee-ma was "out" socializing in one of the other houses' living rooms when we went to get her.

A spry peppy woman, Mee-ma was great. I told her that her vitamins would make her peppy as she patted Jug's ass and said, "oh I LIKE being peppy!"

We took her out to the U.S. Café to get a burger and a Coke, and I learned real quick where Jugs' sense of humor comes from *grin*.

It was a good lunch, complete with serenading songs from "42nd Street" (movie....IMDB it).

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