Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feel-Good Post of the Day

Penpals wed at ages 85, 96: Couple fell in love through letters

WINDSOR, Conn. -- An elderly couple joined together in holy matrimony on Tuesday at a nursing home in front of family and friends.

Thelma Symonds, a native of Australia, was married for 60 years before moving to Kimberley Hall in Windsor after her first husband past away.

Today, the 85-year-old became Thelma Christofferson. Her new husband, Chauncey Christofferson, is a 96-year-old minister.

The two met after Thelma wrote an article to a military magazine about her late husband.
Chauncey responded, and the two said they fell in love through letters.

“We actually fell in love the old-fashioned way,” Chauncey said. “(We wrote) for seven months until I finally came to meet her. I knew who to look for, her room number. I walked right into her room, unannounced.”

Last year, they decided to get married.

“I dont' feel nervous at all,” Thelma said. “I just feel plain excited. We've talked about it a lot, but never quite got around to doing it.”

Not until now, anyway.

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Amanda said...

That's really sweet. Is it bad, though, that my first thought was, "Her husband couldn't possibly have 'past' away"? I guess I'm too much in teacher mode right now. Class starts in an hour and a half and I'm not done lesson planning. Bah.