Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friends on the Greenway

I biked the Greenway today. I parked at Haynes Bridge, and as I was assembling my bike, a few drops of rain started to fall - then some more - until I was caught in a brisk rain shower by the time I started biking. I was alone this time.

I came from the Haynes Bridge parking lot and turned right, biked up to the start of the trail and turned around and began biking.

Sure there aren't many people on the trail during the week, and I prefer it that way, but there are, by far, more people that smile, wave, say hello, say thank you, and brief chats when you're biking even when you're steadily biking about 14 mph, and they whiz past at 19 or so. I saw the same road bikers four times (they were lapping me with their $3000 bikes) who all smiled and said a breathy, "hi" as I biked past. I just smiled and nodded back at them.

When I came back from Webb Bridge, I stopped at the YMCA camp that was just letting kids out/get picked up. There was an adorable old man in his hat, shirt, and pants, walking a senior citizen German Wirehaired Pointer (think German Shorthaired Pointer with a scruff coat and a beard). I smiled at the man and his dog ("Charlie"), and the old man winked at me, said hi, and nodded as I complimented him on his German Wirehaired Pointer. I really am that much of a dog nerd, and he was shocked I knew "Charlie's" breed. Charlie was 16 years old and still alive and kicking.

I turned around and biked past Charlie and Clarence and continued on my way. I got caught behind two women as I made my approach back across from Rock Mill. They were hogging the crest by the cross-walk and weren't too pleased when I pulled up beside them (dear Lord, was my deodorant wearing off?) Whatever. I crossed the street and continued on my way back to my car.

All in all, it was a nice ride. I wish the Greenway was closer to me though.

Chilly Willy (my bike) didn't give me ANY brake issues (as in disengaging and re-engaging my brakes) and was a perfect little bike save shifting into 4th from 5th giving me fits.

I used to ride 2-3. Now I ride 2-5 or 2-6 on my bike :)

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