Thursday, May 1, 2008

Most random blog you might ever read.

Quite possibly the most random blog you’ll ever read.

1) Reality TV Shows: When reality t.v. shows first surfaced, there were only a handful of shows. Real World (Mtv’s “reality” t.v. show was one of the first). Since that time, they have multiplied as fast as putting water on Gizmo. Survivor came out, and, very briefly, the first season or so, it was fun to watch. It was “real.” Now, watching Survivor, you notice that the people haven’t lost as much weight as they did the first season, and the women are ALWAYS made up. My dad noticed an electrical outlet disguised in a tree stump and wrote to the producers (no avail).

With the popularity of Survivor, other shows started springing up to the point of The Surreal Life which spawned Flavor of Love which spawned I Love New York. Now we have every reality show imaginable, and the definition of the world reality has been altered forever. I can watch a family with 8 children sit and complain about everything under the sun. I can watch Brides similar in temperament to Godzilla, winning the title of ‘Bridezilla’ now. I can watch celebrities do the following: find “love,” ballroom dance, lose weight, perform magic, and try out their hidden talents on obscure talent shows. What do I really care?

I opt OUT of reality t.v. There are only three “reality” t.v. shows I watch: Project Runway, Top Chef, and Amazing Race. Project Runway, designers have to use their skills to create attire that fits that challenge. Top Chef, chefs have to use their skills to create dishes that fit that challenge. Amazing Race, pairs have to use their skills to accomplish tasks that fit that challenge in other countries and in the U.S. That is the extent of my reality t.v. watching. Everything else kind of makes me cringe and makes me curious as to what other cultures think of us.

2. You give your whole, they give their corner.

I was writing to a friend yesterday who is drawn like a moth to a flame to bad relationships. Some of you find this ironic that I can discuss such things; however, I know I have bad luck, and I know it comes down to people not being themselves. This person is drawn to people she knows are bad from the get go. There’s no hiding their downfalls (unfaithful, lies, etc.).

Here is what you do – you look at your flaws, and you look at your positives. You come to the realization that everyone has flaws – no human is perfect, but you don’t dwell on them. You just remember that you know what they are. You find someone who complements your flaws and your positives. You find someone that when you say, “me, too!” you mean it. You find someone that when one of your flaws surface, he loves you because he loves all of you, not just your positives, and you realize this. You love someone for who they are, not what they appear to be. You love all of someone – their past, present, and their future – not just what you take at face value or what you “plan” it to become. On the other hand, you realize your past and their past is in…the past. Don’t judge someone based on experiences in the past. This is one of the most difficult things to do. You have to remember, this is a completely different person. They are not the same as past experiences. Don’t doom new relationships from the get go. Learn to let down your guard even a little bit. No one wants someone who is 100% hard core tough person all the time. When he asks, “what’s wrong?” or “is something bothering you?” tell him. Swallow your pride and talk. Don’t ever answer that with “nothing” if something is bothering you. If something isn’t bothering you, don’t answer that with “nothing.” Elaborate, “Oh nothing – why do you ask?” or “Oh nothing – I was just thinking about x, y, and z that happened today.” Chances are, that person is going to say, “Oh – tell me about it.” You get annoyed just as much when you get the “nothing” reply when something clearly is wrong. Don’t expect someone else is going to be okay with it. Never go to sleep angry. Talk it out….in a mature manner. Never speak out in anger. Once a word is spoken, it’s there. It’s never going away no matter how much you say, “I’m sorry.” He’s still going to remember it just as you would. Never second guess yourself, and never doubt yourself. Never let someone walk all over you. Talk. The main thing is “talk.” If you’re not happy about something, tell him, and tell him to be the same way. The main thing is “be yourself.” How are you ever going to find happiness if you’re fooling yourselves from the get-go?

3. FWIW: A great date (the “perfect first date”) ends with you not wanting to leave the other person and making plans for the next date. A great first date (herein referred to as “GFD”) begins with a smile, ends with a smile, and continues the next days with a smile. A GFD ends with the declaration that you, indeed, had a wonderful time, you would definitely like to see the person again. A GFD has you hoping that the person with whom you had your GFD has butterflies just like you do. A GFD has you wanting that person and you to be in a relationship and to pursue a relationship – not just the occasional and sporadic “how’s it going?” but more along the lines of, “it feels great to be in a relationship with you.” A GFD has both of you at ease with each other. A GFD has you both acting like you were school children: smiling, laughing, blushing, and wondering “does he like me like I like him?” A GFD has your goodnight hug wanting to last a little longer.

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