Friday, April 18, 2008

Am I Normal?

Driving into work this morning, I came across Q100’s "Am I normal?" section. It is where people call in and say things they do that if others heard them - they may think a little weird, etc. Some examples were before the Academy Awards, a listener would practice her acceptance speech...from the couch. So I sat and thought about things I do that others may not consider normal:

1. Everytime I see orange juice, I have to say, "Drink your juice, Shelby" (from Steel Magnolias)

2. If I am the D.D. out with a bunch of female friends that are drinking and a random creepy guy tries to make conversation/hit on them, the inevitable question is, "so what do you all do?" My answer is always, "I’m a police officer." (Yeah, impersonation, blah blah blah, but I have friends that are cops that have NO problem with me saying that)

3. Everytime I go to Atlanta Bread Company on South Cobb, I start humming the Cheers theme song...because....everyone DOES know my name.

4. After watching CSI or Law and Order, I can think of 101 ways to hide a body - lol.

5. Every time there are blue skies after a rain storm, I sing "Bluuuuue skies...smilin’ at me......nothin’ but bluuuuuue skies....."

6. Anytime I see a [large breed] puppy, I simply MUST say hello even if it’s making an abrupt 90-degree turn from where I’m walking, leaving my friends mid-conversation. Generally the word "PUPPY!" comes before my direction change.

7. I have personalities for every number (ask Jack- the other Jack). Number "5" looks like it’s happy and smiling. Number "2" looks sad and slouching, etc. Just ask what personalities single-digit numbers have. I swear I could write a children’s book.

8. I can hear a song, and I can see where it would fit into a movie soundtrack.

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