Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Now that we no longer have Comcast, I can thoroughly complain about them. 

Since moving to our new farm, we have dish television.  Therefore, I canceled our Comcast service. I was told to bring my equipment into a Comcast service center, and they would take care of it all. 

I had ordered 2 x receivers, 1 x modem.

I walked into the service center with my equipment. There were two associates there.  One was assisting another customer (who was rudely talking on his cell phone while the associate attempted to help him.)  The other associate's and my experience went something like this:

ME: "Hello.  I canceled my account with Comcast, and I need to return my equipment."
ASSOCIATE: [cocks his head to the side and looks at the equipment, grabs a scanner, scans, and sits down at his computer where he proceeds to click-clack on keys for the next four and a half minutes...without saying a word to me.] "Where's your other box at?"
ME: "What other box?"
ASSOCIATE: "On this here account, it says you got another box."
ME: "No, we ordered two boxes.   Two boxes were activated.  We used two boxes, and now I'm returning two boxes."
ASSOCIATE: "Well this here says you got another one.  Sign this." [Produces a piece of paper indicating what I turned in.]
ME: [Reading over what I'm signing.]
ASSOCIATE: (obviously impatient) [Points to signature line] "Sign, here."
ME: "Yes, I know.  I wanted to read what exactly I was signing." [Sign my name]
ASSOCIATE: [takes item, tears off my copy] "You need to call this number here to have them fix that box thing."
ME: "All right."
[We both stand there looking at each other.]
ME: "So, is that all?"
ASSOCIATE: "Yeah" [turns around and walks away]

Woo hoo, Comcast!  You sure do know how to make someone feel special, don't you?

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