Monday, May 2, 2011

Obliterate: to remove or destroy all traces of

When you see the images from the tornadoes on the news, you say "Oh my gosh! How awful!"

When you see the images from the tornadoes're speechless.

The above photos were taken in the White/Pine Log area of northwest Georgia.  The road in many of these photos is Richards Road, a [formerly] pastoral area with rolling pastures, old barns, and beautiful homes.  This location is about three miles from my in-laws' (to be) house (in-laws are okay!)

Photo #3 above is what we considered our "dream home:" a house with a horse barn attached to it.  All that is left are the tattered matchstick remains of a few horse stalls.

Photo #6 is a house we were considering buying.  Fortunately, it remained uninhabited.

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