Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update: Bush Goliath and Better Boys...

Because I had some folks ask me for updates on my 'maters....

As you can see, our tomato plants have grown quite a bit.  They have several flowers already blooming on them that will produce tomatoes.  Yeah, we created a chicken wire barrier around our picker and our other plants (see our TOXIC post below.)  The dogs haven't bothered them since!

Our Marigolds are also growing nicely...as you can see.  Yay for Marigolds keeping pests away!

Here is one of our two tomato-plant-eating-culprits: Grimm.  Now you can see why we blocked off our plants!

For what it's worth, set up of the City Picker was fairly easy: time-consuming, but it was easy enough.  Based on how awesome our plants are growing and how easy it was to set up, we plan on getting one or two more for peppers and perhaps beans.

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