Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Vets - crappy support.

I should have known something changed when I dropped my dogs off for boarding, and Royal Canin was plastered everywhere.  For what it's worth, contrary to popular belief, Royal Canin is NOT high quality kibble for dogs. 

Some background information on our dog, Gidget.  Gidget was dumped at a high kill shelter when she was six months old due to her "inability to housebreak."  Had her first owners actually cared about her, they would have taken her to the Vet where she would have been diagnosed with a raging Urinary Tract Infection.  Based upon her crappy initial upbringing, I can almost guarantee that no one took the time to work with her on nail trimmings, etc.  Because of this, Gidget will send herself into almost cardiac arrest panicking over nail trimmings.  Several times in the past, we've boarded our dogs and told the front desk to make a note that "Gidget needs sedation for nail trimmings."  Well, the previous three times they didn't do it, and she returned home with ONE trimmed nail and not groggy at all.

When I made boarding reservations for the kids back in March, I told the person on the phone "Gidget requires sedation for nail trimming."  I went into detail as to why.  The woman said, "I completely understand, and thank you so much for telling us.  I'll be sure to note it right here." 

Back to showing up at the clinic yesterday to drop the kids off for overnight boarding and grooming...

When I checked them in, I went over some things with the front desk, and I said, "Now, Gidget requires sedation for nail trimmings."  The woman smirked at me and scoffed.  I said, "'s very important she be sedated.  She will worry herself sick and WILL hurt someone with scratching, etc."

This morning I head over to pick them up, and the tech says to me, "I was just talking about you! I was just about to call you!"  I said, "Well I was headed over that way, and I wanted to see if the kids were ready to be picked up." 

"Both were getting a bath and a nail trim, right?"
"Yes - well Grimm chews his claws down, but Gidget yes.  In case you couldn't tell, her nails are long..."
"Yeah - about that.  Um - she like seriously scratched the heck out of one of our techs."
"Well was she sedated?"
"That's what I was going to talk to you about.  We probably need sedation on hand when trimming her nails."
"Yeah, that's why I said 'Gidget needs to be sedated when her nails are trimmed' when I made their boarding reservations and yesterday when I dropped them off."
"Oh, really?"
"Yes - we've asked several times in the past, and it's never happened.  You may want to put a large tag somewhere on her file that says 'SEDATION REQUIRED FOR NAIL TRIM.'"
"Yeah, I'll do that because we don't have anything anywhere showing that."
"Well I told two people including when I dropped them off yesterday."

I get around to picking the kids up around 11:30, and they both couldn't wait to get out of there to the extent that Gidget was trying to push open the door.  Grimm was beyond stressed.  He was panting heavily, drooling, and just not himself the entire way home.

It's now 3:40, and both dogs are passed out due to being worked up with stress and anxiety.

I love our Vets, but they had a staff change, and their staff is incompetent and pretentious. 

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