Monday, February 21, 2011

How NOT to chase away a dog...

We were enjoying a nice afternoon out on the back deck yesterday with our two dogs when I heard the Beagle down the street go into berserk-barking mode.  I should point out, however, this poor little Beagle resides on his owner's back deck with a Dogloo and NO human interaction except to feed him.  Needless to say, this Beagle barks almost constantly starting at 4am and stopping around 1am every day.

We look over and see a wandering overweight senior-citizen dog below the Beagle's deck walking around, urinating on the grass, sniffing, etc.  It didn't have tags nor a collar.

All of a sudden, the Beagle's neighbor comes outside from the garage area, and attempts to "chase off" the dog.  How? He doesn't shout, doesn't clap his hands, doesn't make shooing motions.....

He fires a .22 pistol at the dog IN our neighborhood! Not in the air...but at the dog.  WTF?! The dog, terrified, comes running up our driveway (it probably hears our dogs barking at it.)  Andrew and I were pissed.  We ran around to the front of the house to try to catch the old dog to check and see if it was okay, but it was running full speed, tail tucked up the road.  It glanced at Andrew and kept going.  The thing was probably scared it was going to be shot at again.

Was this dog harassing his dog? No.
Was this dog destroying some property owned by the guy? No.
Was this dog attacking an animal in his yard? No.
Does this guy have a fenced yard? No.
Did this guy even try to shoo the dog away? (Based on the dog's initial temperament, it looked like you could raise a hand, and it would run away - if you didn't want to try to catch it and find its owner.) No.

You don't discharge a firearm in a neighborhood, douchebag.

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