Thursday, December 16, 2010

Does UPS have a magic phone number?

We had to change our UPS Account at work because some asshats in Jacksonville, FL were giving our account number to their customers to ship return items "Collect."  Once we got the new account, we realized we're unable to ship Hazardous Materials (we're licensed to do so.)

1. We try calling our Sales Rep.  The number listed online and on his card is an "express messaging service" in which you enter their "extension" to send a message.  Sent a message - no response.

2. We called UPS.  UPS told us that we had to contact our sales rep, or they could send an e-mail to our sales rep, but they wouldn't give us our sales rep direct telephone number...only the number from step #1 above.

3. I sent two e-mails to our sales rep asking for a phone call, visit, remedy to our issues.  Unanswered.

4. I left two more messages for our Sales Rep.  No answer.

5. I just faxed over a request for help to "ANY UPS ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE."  No answer.

6. I tried calling UPS again....." contact your sales rep."  I told them we had, but he's not replying, and the number listed for the local UPS offices....are direct messaging only.

I have to wonder, "does UPS have a magic phone number?"  We're now sitting 4 days behind in shipments because no one will help us.  Time to cancel our UPS account we've had for twenty years.

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