Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Countdown inches forward...

wedding planning

I think this is the part in our wedding planning in which I say, "dear Lord time is running by awfully quickly!" And I would be absolutely correct in saying that.

Nine months from now, we'll be walking down the aisle at the vineyard.  My-oh-my has time flown by! (No, I didn't mean for that to rhyme either!)

This past Sunday, my maid-of-honor (sister-in-law) and my only other bridesmaid (friend) came over to talk about our wedding.  You see...we had found an awesome dress for them to wear on Pin Up Girl Clothing.  After I found the dress, I read that one purchaser was disappointed in the dress because the fabric was plain instead of embroidered as shown, it wasn't "stretchy," and the flower on the dress was sad in a velvet-Christmas-bow sort of way.  Immediately, PUG canceled all pending orders...including my two girls' (by the way, the dress came to around $101 including shipping.)  The girls put their name on a waiting list, and when the dress comes in, they'll be called.  Okay - so we got that taken care of.

Then we discussed centerpieces.  My wonderful "ma" picked up these beautiful red glass mosaic candle holders; however, they're for votive candles which doesn't necessarily warrant the "ooo ahhh" for a reception centerpiece.  We decided to improvise and add some more items to the votive holders, and voila! Complete.

We have our contracts in.  We have our deposits paid.  Now it's time for little things like the cake design, etc.  We found a baker that said, "find a design online, print it off, and we'll do it."  Nice.  Copy-cat, right?  Instead, I decided to design our own cake (easy for someone that knows how to create it!)

I found the person to design and create my dress (from Etsy) so that's in the works, too.

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