Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am glad to have found someone who loves to travel as much as I do.  Once our wedding takes place next August, we'll be randomly traveling as well as traveling on our planned schedule.  In 2011, we don't be doing much traveling since we're getting married. 

Really, the only traveling we will be doing will be the one week on our mini-honeymoon in August/September.  The real travel starts in 2012 (hope the world doesn't end by then.)  In 2012, we plan on taking a mini road trip up to New York (driving.)  Also in 2012, as a one year anniversary/real honeymoon trip, we're going to be taking an Alaskan cruise (well....Canada and Alaska, that is) based out of Seattle, Washington.  We really have no desire to take a tropical cruise nor a Mexico cruise (especially after the trouble Mexico has been having lately with tourtists winding up shot, etc.)

In 2013, our travel will consist of going to Scotland and Amsterdam for our two year anniversary.  We'll fly out of Atlanta via KLM to Amsterdam and Edinburgh.  The first part of our trip will be Scotland followed up by Amsterdam.  I love Scotland's CityLink bus system, and we'll be using that quite a bit.  I'm already looking into passes.  While I spent a lot of time in Edinburgh, my experience with Amsterdam is very limited (one night) before we flew back to Atlanta the following day.  I know that Amsterdam is pretty small, but we plan on spending two days there. Possibly sometime in 2013, we'll also head to Montana to visit my Uncle and Aunt.

In 2014, we don't really have any travel plans, but that's only because...................

In 2015, we plan on going to Africa (Kenya/Tanzania.) 

All of this is possible by budgeting ourselves.  Rather than spending money going out to eat or on video games, etc. we're going to save for our travels.  I'd rather travel than have frivolous things anyways.  I already save money by getting my hair done at Paul Mitchell The School in Atlanta :)

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