Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall: The Little Things.

I'm looking forward to this Sunday.

My fiancé is off from work on Sundays. We enjoy the simplest little things together. On Sunday morning, we'll wake up and have coffee (me with pumpkin spice creamer, he with peppermint mocha) and breakfast, and then we'll set off to Northwest Georgia. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend with the highs near 78 degrees Fahrenheit and clear skies.

We'll pop "The Cars" or "Depeche Mode" into my CD player and ride, with the windows down, taking the back way up to Northwest Georgia along Highway 52 and stop in at one of the orchards for apple picking and goodie-buying (cider, pie, and more!)

We'll snap some pictures of the Fall foliage as well as there are several spots along the way to stop.

I love my fiancé and how we both love "the little things."

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