Friday, September 3, 2010

"...and a catered dinner for two or more couples."

The above line also had me questioning the validity of the voicemail I received on my cell phone this morning. 

Because we're getting married, my mom has started going to free bridal shows in the area where she and my dad live.  I have no problems with that, and she said she has been dropping off my information to the vendors for contests, etc.

Me being in the job I am know how vendors at trade shows work.  We offer something for free just to get leads to call people and try to sell them stuff. 

"Congratulations you are one of our weekly winners of a $250 Townecraft gift certificate and a catered dinner for two or more couples from the Albany Bridal Show."  (We'll discuss the order of the guy's sentence at some other time.)

Immediately with the "two or more couples" I'm thinking...this has to be a scam so I did some internet research.

The company is like any other in-home sales company.  They get you to host a party for, in this case, two or more couples, and they "cater" it by cooking food in their cookware to show you how wonderful it is.  What they don't tell you is that their cookware is grossly overpriced, and you're lucky if that "$250 gift card" buys a potato peeler. 

I went onto Ebay.....16" baking pan - $75......cookie sheet - $ get the idea.  I'd walk away with 2 cookie sheets, some food, and friends that would probably never speak to me again. 

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